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Chinese Astrology

Would you like your dreams to come true?

Why are there times in your life when some things come so easily?

Why are there times in your life when some things are so difficult?

Why do the same patterns keeps repeating themself?

Why does it seem like no matter how hard you try to have something happen, it's just not happening?

Find out why...   and how...

Have your Chinese Astrology read by Dr. Megan Marco.  See the five elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood, present in each era in your life.  See what elements and energies are coming in and out of your life. 

Learn what you can do to enhance the energies that you need for your goals to manifest.

Dr. Megan Marco, Nanjing, China, October 2007

What can you do to attract love?  What can you do to have a better relationship with your special someone?  What can you do to bring in more prosperity?  What can you do to bring in the energy to have children?

If you are scheduling a C-section, Dr. Marco can also help you to pick the best day to have your C-section scheduled to help your child have the most balance in his or her life.

When booking your appointment, we need your birthdate. If you know your birth location and birth time, this gives us even more information.

Dr. Marco looks forward to helping you manifest your dreams!

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