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Crystal Dream Therapy

During your Crystal Dream Therapy session with Iribeth, you will experience a shamanic journey into the state of superconscious. This ancient healing practice is used by a unique mandala of crystals that are laid around the body. The state of consciousness has been exposed to severe things. You will be taken into the natural collapsing of the initial exposure. This exposure can at times cause damage to our thought processing, creating barriers, and/or maladaptive behaviors that cause us to live a more restricted life.


During your journey into the superconscious, you will experience oneness and bliss, this is where the possibility of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing often occurs. During this time, there are opportunities to reclaim the skills and knowledge you have acquired over many lifetimes, bringing forth clarity of purpose to this life, as you release any past life trauma, and align with your divine plan.


You may also meet your higher self, spirit guides, or spiritual teacher, opening your clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities. During Crystal Dreaming TM you remain fully aware as you create profound and positive life changes for yourself in one session. An ideal experience for the spiritual aspirant or seeker of the “truth.”


First session: 



Second session:

Intuitive Counseling


Third session:

Crystal Dreaming


Appropriate candidates for crystal dreaming are 18 years and older.

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