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Thermography is the Most Advanced Breast Exam Available

Thermography may find abnormal breast tissue years earlier than mammograms. Because there is no compression required, it does not mash or squeeze your breast, thus reducing the risk of a ruptured cyst.


Have you ever wondered... 

  • Why cancer rates keep rising?  
  • Why when X-RAYs are a known cause of cancer do we continue to X-ray the most vulnerable tissue on our bodies for our semi-annual or annual breast mammogram exam?  
  • Are you aware X-Rays are cumulative and do not dissipate?  
  • Did you know that Mammograms should be after all other non-invasive tests?
Why Thermography is Important for You and your Health

Why is Thermography important for you?


Thermography is effective in exposing disease processes before symptoms begin and for early detection of many physical imbalances. Often symptoms are an early warning signal of dysfunction in one area of the body that may not seem related to the problem, but may be an underlying cause. Thermography can help determine if additional lab work may be needed and can avoid unnecessary expensive lab tests.


What can be determined by Thermography?


Thermography can discover possible sources of chronic disease and infections. Breast health can also be assessed. Possible cardiovascular, stomach, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder problems. Unknown causes of infection, inflammation, allergic or toxic reactions to food and/or environmental toxins, intestinal mycosis, correlations between dental health and much more.

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