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Introducing ~ The Amethyst & Quartz

Far-Infrared BioMat!      



Here at Stonington Natural Health Center ~ for you.


Rejuvenate your body, mind, & spirit! 

What Is The BioMat?



professional biomat

The BioMat combines ancient therapies with modern space technologies.


The BioMat delivers therapeutic Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions through Amethyst & Quartz crystals.

This tri-synergy system relieves pain and restores balance and energy to the human body. 


The BioMat provides an environment in which the body is able to get rid of the acidic waste and toxins and have health and vitality restored!


How The BioMat Works


Far Infrared Rays 

  • Warm the body with radiant heat, penetrating 6 - 8 inches when amplified by amethyst and quartz
  • Remove toxins and purify blood
  • Clear out free radicals and revive cells
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Enhance immune function

Negative Ions

  • Restore pH to a balanced, alkalized state
  • Enhance sleep
  • Decrease drowsiness and stress
  • Enhance mental well-being  


Amethyst Crystals

  • Impart a soothing and calming effect
  • Provide powerful detoxification for respiratory, digestive and cellular disorders
  • Boost hormonal production
  • Naturally amplify Far Infrared Rays

warming biomat

Treatment Options


Enjoy during Any SNHC Treatment ~ Only $30! 

Enjoy the BioMat on its own ~ 0 to 60 minutes is only $45!


 Call or email today to set up your appointment

~~ You'll be so happy that you did  ~~

860.536.3880    info@snhc.com


rejuvenating biomat

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Stonington Natural Health Center is a collaboration of fabulous practitioners here to facilitate your health, happiness, and inner peace ~ we provide holistic healthcare for the whole family in a tranquil waterfront setting.


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